aWISH | 3rd Newsletter

A selection of aWISH activities, updates, as well as future events, that we hope you'll find interesting! This is a special newsletter dedicated to the pilots of our project!

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Welcome to the 3rd aWISH Newsletter

A selection of aWISH activities, updates, as well as future events, that we hope you’ll find interesting!

This is a
special newsletter dedicated to the pilots of our project!

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Introduction to Pilots

As a part of the aWISH project automated solutions are installed to monitor animal welfare on farm, during (un)loading, transport, and slaughter and will complement the routinely collected data. Piloting and development activities are done in 2 broiler chicken and 4 fattening pig production chains across Europe (France, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Serbia), through a multi-actor approach, bringing all actors involved from the primary producers up to inclose contact. In this 3rd Newsletter, 3 updates of the 6 pilots will be made, and the others will be covered in future ones.

Pilot Updates

We’re thrilled to share updates on selected pilot initiatives across Europe. Through automated solutions, we’re monitoring animal welfare at every stage, from farm to slaughter, complementing existing data collection efforts.

Join us as we highlight the progress and impact of these innovative endeavors!

Pilot 1 | Update

The reconstruction of the lairage in Pilot 1 has been a large undertaking to coordinate while keeping the commercial slaughterhouse up and running. Good progress is being made with the first half of the lairage finished, and the second half hopefully finalized towards the end of June. At that point, the Stremodo (FBN) system to measure stress vocalizations in pigs in the lairage can be properly installed.

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Pilot 2 | Update

In pilot 2, two sensors have been installed on the farm:

Enviro Detect: This sensor is collecting hourly data and sending weekly a report until February 2024.

– Weight Detect: Currently, the sensor is collecting data and regular reports are sent to the farm.

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Pilot 5 | Update

The CLK technology has been successfully implemented, but still needs some adjustments. For instance, as Higelsberger also slaughters pigs with long tails, they sometimes cannot see the tip of the tail on the “tail” images taken by the CLK cameras. Additionally, there is a sensor visible in the “back” images that still needs to be relocated.

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aWISH presentation at FASFC headquarters on “New technologies for modern inspections”

aWISH project shines at a high-profile working group of Food Safety and Animal Welfare authorities, hosted during the EU’s Belgian presidency. Kenny van Langeveld from ILVO, showcased aWISH’s cutting-edge data platform and sharing capabilities at the FASFC headquarters in Brussels on March 28th.

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BioSense Institute Presented AWISH Project At The Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival

On 14th March 2024, Jelena Jojic from Biosense Institute successfully presented four of its projects at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival, among them was aWISH project.

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aWISH | Interviews with Work Package leaders and those involved

At our 2nd Annual Meeting in Paris, France, we interviewed our WP leaders and those involved to find out about their challenges, the overview of the 1st year of the project and much more!

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 to watch all the interviews!

Join our Expert Panel!

Embark on a Journey with the aWISH Expert Panel!

Join this dynamic space where stakeholders from the entire farm-to-fork value chain and the animal welfare community come together to share knowledge.

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Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Commission. Neither the European Union nor the European Commission can be held responsible for them.
In accordance with GDPR regulation, the user has the right to request from the aWISH project access to personal data concerning him/her, as well as its rectification or deletion, and the limitation of the treatment with respect to the user by contacting the Communication Officer.

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Funded by the European Union.
Views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Commission.
Neither the European Union nor the European Commission can be held responsible for them.

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1. aWISH Introduction

We would like to invite you to participate in the aWISH Expert Panel, as we believe that your experience and knowledge will contribute greatly to a key consultation body of the project. aWISH is a 4-year project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. Before you decide to participate in the aWISH Expert Panel, please take the time to read this document carefully to understand what your involvement will be in our project’s activity. If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to ask questions.

1.1 What is the aWISH project about?

In the EU, a challenge that still remains is to reconcile the social and moral demand for a high level of animal welfare with other pillars of sustainable livestock production. Indeed, 82% of Europeans believe that farm animals should be better protected than they currently are. A broad definition of animal welfare refers to the feelings and physical well-being of an individual animal. Broilers and pigs are the farm animals EU citizens care most about, and they are also the most important meat-producing animals in the EU and worldwide. Both pigs and broilers have significant welfare problems at all stages of production (on-farm, loading and transport, unloading and slaughter), leading a growing number of citizens to question the social license to produce. Ambitious and effective, but also practical and efficient solutions are needed. This is where the aWISH project comes in to fill this gap! The aim of aWISH is to develop and provide a cost-effective solution for assessing and improving the welfare of meat-producing livestock in Europe. The aWISH solution is based on the automatic monitoring of animal-related indicators at slaughter. The necessary technologies will also be developed to collect complementary data on farm or during transport. Pilot and development activities will be carried out in 6 broiler and fattening pig production chains across Europe using a lean multi-actor approach to test and validate the project results. A catalogue of animal welfare indicators will disseminate all validated indicators and standardised data collection methods. Best practice guides will be developed to improve key aspects of animal welfare in pigs and broilers and to help external stakeholders use aWISH technologies and tools. In this context, the aWISH project will set up expert panels that will be composed of representatives of actors from the entire farm to fork value chain across the EU. The expert panels will have the function to retrieve and share feedback on technology, processes, farming practices, industry, sector regulation and markets, as well as society and perceptions. In this way, stakeholder participation in expert panels could help initiate interdisciplinary dialogue, promote interaction with target groups and associations, and strengthen trust between different actors.

2. Useful Information

2.1 Is my participation voluntary and what does it involve?

Your participation in the aWISH project is entirely voluntary. If you decide to participate in an aWISH activity, we will ask you to sign an Informed Consent Form to collect and process your data. The project will last 48 months, but you will only participate for as long as you wish.

2.2 Purpose of personal data collection

As mentioned above, the expert panel will have the function to retrieve and share feedback on technology, processes, farming practices, industry, sector regulation and markets, as well as society and perceptions. In order to do this effectively, we need to process some of your personal data:
  • Your contact information
  • Demographic information (age, gender, country of origin)
  • Professional information (where do you work, what position do you hold, what is your area of expertise)
  • Personal opinions on the subject

2.3 What we will do with your data

The information you provide is confidential. Your consent form will be kept separate from the observations collected during the course of the project activity. We will share your data with other aWISH project partners involved in the data analysis and reporting process. Once the data is analysed, a report of the findings may be submitted for publication. The project's deliverables that will be derived by this activity will not include your personal data or any other information that could identify you. The results of this project activity may also be shared with representatives of the European Union (e.g. the Project Officer evaluating the project's or the reviewing EU agencies). Only broad trends will be reported and it will not be possible to identify any individuals.

3. Access, deletion of information or withdrawal of consent

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to request to: (i) provide you with a copy of your data; (ii) correct your data if you believe they are inaccurate; (iii) erase your data; (iv) restrict or stop processing your data; or (v) provide your data in an appropriate format and transfer them to another organisation. In addition, you may withdraw your consent and therefore your participation at any time without consequence. Anonymous data already collected will be used as we cannot trace the information back to you. No further data will be collected or other procedures carried out in relation to your information. If you wish to have the personal data we hold checked, amended, corrected or deleted, or if you wish to withdraw your consent, you can contact the responsible partner listed below.

4. Contact Information


5. Informed Consent Form

I confirm that I understand that by ticking each box below I am consenting to this element of the study. I understand that it will be assumed that unticked boxes mean that I DO NOT consent to that part of the study. I also understand that by not giving consent for any of the elements, I may be deemed ineligible for participating in this project’s activity.

6. Declaration of Acceptance

I, the undersigned
acknowledge that I have read and agree to be bound by the aWISH Expert Panel Terms of Reference. I agree to participate in the aWISH Expert Panel in my individual capacity and, as such, may not assign or be substituted for any other person to perform the work without prior written agreement with the aWISH Expert Panel Consortium. I agree not to disclose any information given in the course of the Expert Panel’s work unless the aWISH Consortium agrees to releases me from this obligation, and to respects the confidentiality requirements. I declare that I fully and unconditionally accept my appointment as an aWISH Expert Panel member as described in the Terms of Reference. I agree that any contribution I make as an aWISH Expert Panel member may be used by the aWISH consortium for reporting purposes or to align project activities to the needs of relevant stakeholders. I consent to the processing of my personal data necessary for my participation in the aWISH Expert Panel.

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